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People often find they need capentry and builders to help them extend their property or create their dream home. While both trades provide qualified staff with similar skills, there are some fundamental differences which will be addressed here. Carpenters cannot construct buildings on their own. They are able to repair damaged wooden structures errect stairs or other structures and install newly made furniture. Customers often find they require carpentry and builders to combine their skills to complete their project successfully. One of the main differences between carpentry and builders is the material they can use to create a structure. Carpenters can only use wood to repair, create, extend or errect structures while builders can use other options including wood.

Professional carpentry and builders often work together to build those all important gates and fences when required. Qualified staff will provide their customers with their credentials as well as evidence of what they can and can’t do. The best way to ensure you choose the right professional for the job is to know exactly what you want. If you require significant structural work you will need a builder. You may only require minor work which can easily be done by a carpenter.

Customers often assume carpentry and builders are the same. This is not the case as builders can provide some services carpenters cannot. Carpenters use wood to restore stairs or other physical structures to their former glory. The best way to determine who you want is to consider what you need to fix or extend your home. Some customers require significant brick work which requires highly skilled professionals. While carpentry and builders can and do collaborate, they often focus on different aspects of the project. In conclusion, carpentry and builders will help you realise your dream in the short, medium or long-term.